My name is Karl Vesterberg, I am a freelance artist specializing in hand-drawn fantasy maps, RPG, city illustrations, and historical representations. Based out of Sweden, Gothenburg, I strive to bring life to my clients’ vision by producing illustrations and maps that are aesthetically pleasing and informative, in a traditional style. With several years of experience I have worked with clients from all around the world, ranging from companies and private individuals to government agencies.
Besides my work with fantasy I have personal interest and professional experience with historical visualizations. Since 2016 I’m involved in a large ongoing project with the National Archives of Sweden in Gothenburg (for the cities 400 year anniversary in 2021), where my role is to produce visual representations that mediate the written and visual source material to Gothenburg’s history from the 17th to 20th century. In 2018 I also completed a Master’s Degree in History, where my research specializes in the production and circulation of visual history from a deconstructivistic perspective. My illustrative work and research has been presented at the Gothenburg Book Fair.
My interest and experience with fantasy and history offers a valuable combination when it comes to both understanding the specifics of a fantasy world, and also in assembling maps and illustrations that in creative ways mediate that world. In this way I try to make illustrations that are both decorative and functional.
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